Devuan GNU+Linux is a free software operating system for your computer. Free software means you are free to use, copy and distribute, study, change the software, and share your modifications with the community.

Derivatives Based on Devuan

Devuan is conceived as a base OS on which to roll your own distro.

Exe GNU/Linux

Exe GNU/Linux is a live CD or USB desktop orientated distribution pre-installed with the Trinity Desktop Environment. It can optionally be installed to a hard disk or USB thumb drive. The latest version of Exe GNU/Linux is based on Devuan rather than Debian.


Gnuinos is a libre spin of Devuan GNU/Linux using the Openbox window manager. It is very lightweight, ships with the linux-libre kernel and is focused on general purpose computing. The project aims to produce a fully FSF approved distribution.


Refracta is a GNU/Linux distribution built with home users in mind. It provides a simple layout that will be comfortable for the majority of users. It also comes with special tools that allow the user to customize their system and create a live CD or live USB from their installation.


Star is a minimal distro, with a small selection of apps, for those who prefer to create there own environment. As well, there is also a DIY project for people who want to learn how to make their own live distribution, using the live-build development environment.


EterTICs GNU/Linux-Libre is a 100% libre distribution designed for Latin American radio environments. Previously based on Debian, It is the first libre distribution to be designed for this purpose.


Based on Devuan and using the Refracta tools MIYO ("make it your own") is a minimalistic distribution that allows users to add software they want without the need to remove software they don't want. It uses Openbox as the default window manager is ideal for older or resource limited computers.


Crowz (formerly Zephyr Linux) is a 64 bit live-hybrid distribution built on Debian and Devuan stable. It is a lightweight distribution with a small collection of applications included by default. There are flavours available for Fluxbox, JWM and Openbox each of which include a fully featured desktop experience.


DecodeOS is an ASCII-based derivative targeting micro-service usage on anonymous network clusters. It includes original software developed to automatically build p2p networks as Tor hidden service families.

Maemo Leste

Maemo Leste continues the legacy of Maemo by providing a free Maemo experience on mobile phones and tablets like the Nokia N900, Motorola Droid 4, Allwinner Tablets and more.


FluXuan Linux is trying to bring your old computer laptop back to life. It is based on Devuan ASCII and follows Miyo Linux' idea to leave the end user the power to install their favorite programs.


AVMultimedia is a RAM-based Linux distribution for managing digital content.

Forge OS

Forge OS, previously known as 'Michaels-Devuan-Edition', is based on an experimental Refracta nodbus ISO, and uses Devuan Chimaera repos.


GobMis GNU / Linux is a customized distribution of the GNU / Linux operating system based on the Debian / Devuan distribution and adapted to the specific needs of public administration. Released under the GNU GPL license, GobMis is made with free software and open to be adapted to cover the particularities of each level of administration.

Peppermint OS Devuan Release

Peppermint OS Devuan comes with an xfce desktop and essential core packages needed to run a system out of the box. This gives users an opportunity to build a system that best fits their needs. The Devuan build offers 64 and 32 bit versions as well as a choice of SysVinit (default), Runit or OpenRC.

The following have only beowulf-based isos.


Since "the amnesic incognito live system" (Tails) now ships with systemd, @parazyd thought it would be nice to make one without systemd.

heads offers some improvements over tails. It is distributed with a fully de-blobbed kernel hardened with grsecurity and uses the awesome window manager.

Like Tails, heads routes your traffic through the Tor network to anonymize your internet activity.


All mini-mimos are built with our privacy and anonymity considered, by pre-installing applications that use encryption, the Tor network, or the i2p network, to securely and anonymously share files, video, voice, and more.


ThomOS (formerly Crunkbong) is a switchblade that does one thing really well. You won't always need to use one. However, when the right time comes, you'll be glad you had it. It's fairly small and meant to be kept on hand for whenever a need arises.


Virage GNU/Linux, developed by Salvador Gómez (Wamphyre), is a Spanish distro specialized and optimized for audio/video work. It is 100% based on the testing branch of Devuan.

The following have only ascii-based isos.


Dowse is a smart digital network appliance for home based local area networks (LAN) and also small and medium business offices, that makes it possible to connect objects and people in a friendly, conscious and responsible manner.

The following have only jessie-based isos.




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