Devuan GNU+Linux is a free software operating system for your computer. Free software means you are free to use, copy and distribute, study, change the software, and share your modifications with the community.

Devuan Release Information

Devuan release codenames

Devuan release Suite Planet nr. Debian release Status
Jessie oldoldstable 10464 Jessie Archived
ASCII oldstable 3568 Stretch Maintained
Beowulf stable 38086 Buster Maintained
Chimaera in development 623 Bullseye Maintained
Ceres unstable 1 Sid Maintained

Devuan release codenames are chosen from the Minor Planet Center Names List. The first Devuan stable release, Jessie, mirrors Debian’s Jessie (a Toy Story character). Future release names follow in alphabetical order starting with the letter A, then B etc. ASCII, Beowulf, Chimaera and Daedalus have already been chosen.

An exception to this pattern is unstable, which always has the codename ceres - minor planet number 1 - which is an alias for Debian’s sid.

Devuan suites

Devuan development takes place in suites that indicate a level of stability:

When the current testing moves to stable, the previous stable transitions to oldstable and a snapshot of unstable becomes the new testing.

Codenames or suites?

The release codenames or suite designations in /etc/apt/sources.list indicate which release will be used when updating and upgrading packages. Note that the suite names stable and testing will refer to different releases over time.

As of this writing, stable refers to Devuan ASCII (Debian Stretch) and testing refers to Devuan Beowulf (Debian Buster). Once Beowulf is officially released, stable will refer to Beowulf and testing will refer to the next release in development, Chimaera (Debian Bullseye).

However, if your ASCII sources.list refers to the release codename ascii you will remain on ASCII until you change your sources.list. That means that you will have more control over when the upgrade happens. And if you are using beowulf in your sources.list you will move seamlessly to the new stable version of Beowulf when it is released.

To avoid the possibility of mixing two potentially incompatible repositories, Devuan recommends using release codenames in sources.list.

Source list information


At its End of Life (EOL), a release will be considered archived and awarded a status of the same name. This essentially means:

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